Clinical & Medical Hypnosis

Dr. Hamilton has successfully treated many clients over the years with this very effective treatment approach. Hypnosis has been recognized by the American Medical Association since 1958. In 1960, the American Psychological Association acknowledged hypnosis as a valid intervention in the practice of psychology.

The use of hypnosis as entertainment and misrepresentation in Movies and Television has created a good deal of skepticism regarding this very useful tool. Hypnosis is basically a deep state of relation. The brain wave pattern changes to Alpha, which is often referred to as relaxed attention. Much of our creativity flows from this state of mind. The chatter of the left hemisphere of the brain, which thinks in language, grows quiet.

In a deep state of relaxation the mind can accept positive images, words and ideas. All that is negative can be rejected and the brain cued to respond with relaxation, positive thoughts and feelings. Combined with other psychological approaches, hypnosis can help an individual change their thoughts, feelings and behaviors. Hypnosis has been helpful in lowering anxiety; managing pain: preparation for surgery and dental visits: and reducing reactivity and anger in relationships.

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