Couples Therapy

by Jordan A. Hamilton, Ph.D.

Choosing a counselor or psychologist to work with you on relationship problems is one of life’s most difficult decisions.  So why choose us? 

In our very first meeting our efforts are to understand the two of you: the goals you want to achieve; the hurdles in your way; and the challenges you face.  We will look for your strengths and ways to build upon them.

You can count on us to listen carefully to each of you outline what you believe needs to change.  You will note our even-handed approach as we seek to help you find new solutions, change unproductive patterns and develop new habits that will strengthen your marriage.

We have extensive experience working with couples.  Here are a few of the most common challenges we have worked on:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Affair recovery
  • Parenting problems
  • Aging
  • Internet / pornography problems
  • Emotional and Physical intimacy
  • Career changes / Retirement
  • Alcohol & Substance Abuse recovery
  • Chronic physical or emotional illness
  • Finances


We know how important it is to stop angry outbursts and resentment.  Many loving partners mistakenly believe that venting their anger through yelling and ranting is “letting out their feelings.”  The research on anger has demonstrated that this kind of expression only makes people angrier and is damaging to a couple’s love for each other.  As one author put it, “attacking, blaming and yelling kill love.”

Sarcasm and resentment are quieter forms of anger, but are just as toxic to a marriage.  Sarcasm is anger disguised as humor.  Resentment is hidden anger that only bursts into flame occasionally.  From the beginning any communication that is attacking or blaming is stopped.  Patterns of sarcasm and resentment are interrupted.  Each partner is protected from unfair use of painful memories revealed in session.  You are coached on how to restate your wants and needs without pushing you partner away or around.

You are empowered, as a couple, to resolve your difficulties outside of the counseling sessions.  All couples develop habits and patterns.  Some are helpful, while others can be destructive.  You will benefit directly as you are assisted in discovering what patterns and behavior you want to keep and what you want to change.

You may want to look at the your counselor’s training, experience and their track record at helping other couples.  At California Relationship Center, we are licensed psychologists and marriage and family therapists in the state of California.  We hold doctorate or master’s degrees.  A licensed psychotherapist is bound by the laws of California and governed by the Bureau of Consumer Affairs.

For your convenience, we now offer video couple’s therapy.  We can work with the two of you from your home or your workplace, even when the two of you are at separate locations.   For more information…

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