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What to expect when you come to work with one of us

Our dynamic approach to counseling offers a variety of methods as well as specific ones like E.M.D.R., Pet Assisted, Equine & Art therapies. We work with individuals, families, couples and children. Working in a collaborative environment, our counselors blend unique backgrounds and life experiences to ensure our client’s find a counselor that fits their needs.

Feel free to contact us anytime: call 530-889-0178, text us or email us for more information, to make an appointment or for a free twenty minute consultation.

Dr. Jordan Hamilton

jordanWhat we hold most dearly is our relationships. Without our partner, our children and families, we feel lost and cut off from the world. It is my job to help you find your bearings, your footing in every aspect of your life. You can renew you sense of joy and belonging. And heal old wounds and let go of anger and resentments.

Dr. Jordan Hamilton has been licensed to practice in Auburn since 1995. He holds a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from California Graduate School of Psychology in Marin, California; Masters work at the University of Michigan and a Bachelors from Eastern Michigan University. Reviews and more >>

Kimberly J. Sanders, MA

kimberlyI specialize in treating survivors of long and short-term trauma as well as working with those navigating life’s transitions and women’s issues.

Kimberly J. Sanders, MA has been a licensed marriage and family therapist since 1990. In 1996 she received specialized training in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), one of the leading treatments for anxiety and trauma. She is a level two EMDR practitioner and has treated many people coping with stress, anxiety and trauma.

Carol Visser, PhD

carolIn a safe, confidential space, I provide an environment where your wounds can be healed. You do not have to be trapped by your history or present time trauma and dysfunction.

Carol Visser has a PHD in Psychology, as well as an MFCC license and has been working in the mental health field for over 30 years.

Geri Cribbs, MS, Psychology Intern

geriI am currently working towards completion of my PhD in clinical psychology. I served in the Air Force during Gulf War I, and spent 7 years living abroad in Europe. I am fluent in German and Swedish. As a military veteran my interests include PTSD and its effects on military veterans. I have specialty training in Anxiety Spectrum disorders, and am looking forward to continuing the journey of working to help people.

Geri Cribbs, MS, Psychology Intern, Graduated with a B.A. in creative writing, minor in psychology from University Alaska, Anchorage in 1995, and an M.S. in psychology from Walden University in 2009.

Clare Myatt, L.L.B., MA

clareI offer sessions internationally via Skype and meet clients for face to face sessions in London and California as needed. I use a somatic, body-centered approach that embraces the latest neuro-science research to acknowledge the power of an integrated body-mind-spirit.

Clare Myatt, L.L.B., MA became Licensed as a Marriage and Family Therapist in 1995 and certified by Strozzi Institute as a Master Somatic Coach in 2000.

Sophie: Therapy Dog

daagsMeet Sophie & Jack our Pet Assisted Therapy Dogs! Research shows that holding or petting animals can soothe our fears and anxieties; and that quiet moments, sitting beside a therapy dog are healing. Companionship of pets, particularly dogs, helps children and families cope with serious illness and death (Raveis, 1993). Let us know if you are dog sensitive.

Psychotherapy, counseling, coaching, consulting for individuals and couples, families and group therapy. Serving Auburn, Rocklin, Roseville and Granite Bay, California. Video and phone consultation also available worldwide for anxiety, depression and relationship problems. Be sure to see our other areas of expertise!