Peter Fritsch
Dr. Hamilton and I have been close friends and professional associates for twenty years. As an Episcopal priest, I have always networked with the best professional psychologists and counselors available in the community.
Jordan brings a deep spirituality and compassion to his objective clinical training and practice that is rare in the world of therapeutic help.
I highly recommend him to all who seek inner knowledge of Self and healing of relationships bases on truth, compassion and joy.


As a pastor I am often asked to counsel members of my congregation. At times, the needs of those I am counseling exceed my training and my capabilities. Then I need to have professionals that I can recommend whom I can trust to care for them with the same concern and Christian love that I give them. I know I can always count on Dr. Jordan Hamilton, Kim Saunders, and the rest of their staff to provide the clinical care my members need. They are professional, tremendously skilled, and go above and beyond to provide the care people need.

Jeffrey W. Jordan,
Former Pastor at Holy Cross Lutheran Church, Rocklin, CA,
Currently Pastor at Rivercliff Lutheran Church, Sandy Springs, GA

As a career Public Safety Chaplain for over 25 years, I have had the opportunity to make numerous referrals to Dr. Jordan Hamilton, Ph.D. for those public safety professionals and family members who need a specific standard of care that I recognized he could provide.

Those who have received treatment or therapy through his practice have, in their own words, been incredibly impressed with his professional demeanor and treatment plans.

My personal and professional endorsement of Dr. Hamilton and the California Relationship Center could not be more highly stated. The knowledge, skills, experience and abilities of the California Relationship Center’s Professional Staff are exceptional.

Chaplain Mark O’Sullivan, M. Min. P.S.,
Placer County Law Enforcement Chaplaincy,
California Fire Chaplain Association

Thank you for being a beacon of light for me in my process of self-discovery. I can’t tell you how much I value the relationship we have forged this past year. You’ve made this process pleasurable and exciting – I’m looking forward to our work together… I can feel the fullness – I feel more complete.

Katy Brown

Dear Dr. Hamilton,
Thanks for helping me and (my husband).  You have made such a difference in my life, which has benefited my family too.  You are a terrific Godly therapist!


“I can’t begin to thank you enough for all the help you have given to me.  I feel so much better and lighter. You are very good at what you do!  Thanks tons.”

C. Thompson,
Rocklin California

Dr. Hamilton,
My first week back home I received a priceless gift in Dr. Hamilton; a brilliant, gifted master in the healing of trauma through Developmental Needs Meeting Strategies and EMDR. In my nearly three years with Dr. Hamilton, I formed a potent foundation of real adult resources within myself for me to constantly draw upon. I have adult nurturing skills, adult protective skills and a clear core spiritual self which puts the source of my healing within myself, away from involving others which distances me from codependence. By focusing on my recovering adult self of today and meeting the unmet needs of my wounded little boys in real time, I am re-parenting my self one snapshot at a time, literally healing many major wounds from my childhood. This healing allows me to progress in the healthy development I didn’t get from my biological parents so many years ago.

I have closed my eyes and seen back in time: weeks, months, years, decades; back to when I was very young, at my conception and then before I even existed in this world. I was pure light and energy then and so my goodness springs from that spiritual purity. Internalizing my sense that I am clean and valuable without earning it frees me from relying on others to provide my sense of self and worth. There is a clear boundary between myself and others, creating safety and peace for me, empowering me the find highest and best for me.

I really believe in the laws of attraction and somehow at the depths of my descent into hell the universe provided me with people who were capable of helping me find my way. But only if I was willing to do the difficult and painful work.

The Meadows was my first awakening to light; the first genuine look at my life and my counselors there were adept at bringing it all to the surface while pointing me in the direction of long term recovery.

My psychologist, Dr. Jordan Hamilton, could not have been a better match. He gently, firmly and tenaciously led me to the roots of my self and my pain and back through to a goal that most therapists do not do: healing and beyond. His agenda was not perpetual 50 minute rap sessions that ended with more questions and a vague flicker of hope, but rather repairing the damage to the fabric of my life, one mosaic patch after the other. Each time we met was action and tangible progress.

Developmental Needs Meeting Strategy is just that: meeting my needs which were not met before, allowing me to develop into wholeness and move beyond the roadblocks of trauma and resulting dysfunction. He is an expert in DNMS and EMDR protocol and I am eternally grateful for his intuition, keen insight, sensitivity and sheer brilliance.

Paul Howell,
Morro Bay California

“…please know that you, Kim, shall remain one of the most important people in my life. Your wisdom and guidance and genuine caring heart helped me open to the most profound and rewarding journey of the human heart. The work I did with you continues to buoy my heart in a beautiful place of peace…I am forever grateful…” –with love and appreciation.

Carla Riedel
Sedona, Arizona

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