What to expect when you come to work with one of us

1. Before one of us meets with you, you can complete three free inventories inventories. These inventories will give us a baseline of how you’re doing.

2. In your first appointment, you will be asked for a history of the problem and your understanding of its causes and what you have done up to that time to make it better.

3. You will be asked to allow us to talk to any and all health professionals you have involved in helping you with what you are facing. We are dedicated to coordinated care. All the professionals you are working with should be pulling for you in the same direction.

4. We will give you our initial diagnostic impressions. (which we are ethically required to do).

5. Together, we will develop an initial plan of how to tackle the problem of depression. Here is a sample of some of the first steps:

  • You will be asked to sign a release of information for the professionals you have worked with on the problem(s).
  • After you explain the history of your situation, we may suggest some psychological testing.
  • We may suggest a visit with your physician for a check-up. Some medical conditions and medications may be contributing to the problem.
  • A review for medication with a psychiatrist or your physician might be in order.
  • Your description of your situation will suggest the best approaches to use. The plan will be developed to address your specific situation and needs.
  • We have a variety of approaches including, but not limited to: E.M.D.R., clinical and medical hypnosis, cognitive behavioral therapy, and Ego State Therapy, as well as Art Therapy, Equine therapy, Writing Therapy and Yoga. We will draw from all these approaches specific techniques for use in session and between sessions to get you the results you want and need.

Psychotherapy, counseling, coaching, consulting for individuals and couples, families and group therapy. Serving Auburn, Rocklin, Roseville and Granite Bay, California. Video and phone consultation also available worldwide for anxiety, depression and relationship problems. Be sure to see our other areas of expertise!