Why Choose California Relationship Center

1. Your time, energy and resources will be used wisely. We understand the investment you are making in your life.

2. You deserve deeper healing, not just a superficial rearrangement. You have a better chance of getting what you need because our work goes beyond the usual listening and empathizing approach that most other therapists use. The approaches and techniques you will use with us go into the problem and find the deeper solution and the emotional resolution.

3. You are the expert on you! We are the experts in psychology and the behavioral sciences. We become your colleagues developing a cooperative healing relationship with you. The service you choose is not something that is done to you, but is planned with you.

4. We collaborate with all the health care professionals you have decided to include in the effort. Your well-being is our highest goal.

5. We believe in a holistic approach. Your situation effects body, mind, soul and spirit. You can expect an approach that strives to heal the whole person.

6. Since our challenges are rarely self-contained, we will develop our plan with all your relationships in mind.

7. Our strategy is to address the symptoms that trouble you the most so you feel better as soon as possible. Then we work with you on the underlying causes so you get the changes in thought, feeling and behavior that you are after.

Psychotherapy, counseling, coaching, consulting for individuals and couples, families and group therapy. Serving Auburn, Rocklin, Roseville and Granite Bay, California. Video and phone consultation also available worldwide for anxiety, depression and relationship problems. Be sure to see our other areas of expertise!